Friday, October 21, 2011

Collector dari JB dalam paper The Star Sabtu 22 Oktober 2011

Pi beli hari ini 22 okt, selagi stok The Star masih ada, kalau hangpa nak simpan paper ni sebagai koleksi. Kalau setakat nak baca online pi kat sini je lah.

Tq, to bro lan ipoh station pasal roger teman tentang info ni.

Ada kredit utk dua blog tersohor nih... tapi tiada dalam online SIGNS APPEAL ..

Personal blogs, like list items for sale from about RM400 (a 30's Horlicks sign) to Rm4000 ( a 32-inch 'button' Coke sign).

While not all collectors maybe open to sharing their stash with the public, places like the Ipoh Station Antique Cafe in Puchong, Selangor, lets you dine and , at the same time, check out the owner's personel collection of enamel signs.

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