Friday, January 2, 2009

coca cola collector mr karu JB

rumah collector karu kat tmn u jb

3 orang kaki korek from kl ,bertolak dari kl jam 2 pagi, 03 jan 2009, bro nazrin, otai din, karu & kamil, bergambar depan bar kaunter rumah karu.

sebahagian collection mr karu, kalau korang nampak ada basikal pos, radio, embossed bottle dll. yang terbaring warna putih tu aku beli kat dia, (display kabinet coke) 6 tingkat bentuk bulat.

gambar bahagian depan bar kaunter rumah karu

karu ni basikal pun dia collect, macam macam ada....

coca cola bottle opener

Coca Cola Bottle Opener

1. Gold bottle opener
Coca Cola - LION (M) SDN BHD


Vintage Bottle Cap Opener (USD 160.00 - RM577.20)
Brand : Coca Cola
Size : 3.4" length 0.2" thickness
Material : Bronze alloy
Origin : Malaysia
As shown in the picture. The bottle opener is bearing wording Coca Cola on one side and Lion (M) Sdn Bhd on the other side.
This type of cap opener is unique because it is made of bronze alloy and may be issued in conjunction of special or limited edition. It is very hard to find as the quantity is limited units.
It is ideal as an antique collections.

2. drink coca cola - enjoy coke (bold)

3. drink coca cola - have a coke (bold)

4. drink coca cola - have a coke (flat)

5. coca cola coke - fraser & neave (bold)

6. have a coke - have a coke (bold)

Opener Have A Coke - Have A Coke (USD 19.90 - RM71.79) - Sila rujuk ebay listing dibawah.